Re: [stella] Master Mind deluxe - 1st Playable beta

Subject: Re: [stella] Master Mind deluxe - 1st Playable beta
From: happy_dude@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 05:14:22 +1000
Lee Fastenau wrote:
> Some gameplay things I noticed (and you've probably got on a to-do list
> somewhere already):
Your right it's all on my to-do list.

> * I accidentally held the fire button down too long and it skipped a row. 
> I know you're low on RAM, but you might want to store the fire button state
> in a bit somewhere instead of relying on the same delay counter as the
> joystick movement.
I'm not as low on ram as I thought. Found a few redundant variables ;-)
Isn't there some way to do this with Vblank? Or doesn't the button latch work 
like that?

> * The delay counter for the joystick should not have to expire if the
> previous state of the joystick was centered.  Rapid quick taps on the
> joystick should give rapid feedback.
I'll see what I can do

> * The colors should cycle based on the color at the current position and
> not a global color variable.  For instance, if I push up (white) - right -
> down (black) - left - down (brown) - up (black), the left piece should be
> white, not black.  The current method also lends to unpredictable cycling
> as you move into empty slots.
I'm using a lookup value to store the colour cycle so I can't read straight 
from the next position (which is the actual colour value) but I have added a 
variable to keep track of the colours in the current row so if you move to a 
blue peg and press up you will always get red .... but I'm over 1k again :-(

> Hope this is helpful to you.  
Very helpful. Feedback is always appreciated.

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