Re: [stella] z26 linux port snapshot

Subject: Re: [stella] z26 linux port snapshot
From: Stephen Anthony <stephena@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 13:39:19 -0230
On April 21, 2004 01:14 pm, Julian Squires wrote:
> Hi.
> On Wed, Apr 21, 2004 at 03:28:52PM +0000, rufbo1@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Forgive my ignorance here, but what's stopping you from decompiling
> > the asm into relatively standard C and recompiling for LinuxPPC
> > (okay, YDL now) and possibly later for OS X?  I realize it'd be
> > much, much slower, but how close is Moore's Law to catching other
> > architectures up to acceptable performance on high end machines? 
> > Might be neat to at least have z26 running on a dual G5...  ;^)
> It's theoretically possible but practically very tricky.  Even
> converting the assembler from MASM to NASM took a lot of care, from
> what I can tell.  I was considering translating it to PPC asm (or
> portable C) manually, but the size of the file and the number of
> macros makes it a fairly imposing task, unfortunately.
> I'm sure that powerpc machines will be getting a bit more attention
> anyway now with the Stella maintainer hanging around here.

OK, I can't give any definite release dates yet, but someone has already 
ported the CVS Stella codebase (what will be version 1.4) to OS X, with 
a nice Cocoa-based frontend and all.

So if all goes well, the 1.4 release of Stella will have Linux, OS X, 
and Windows ports at the same time, and the codebase (or at least all 
of the backend) is the same across all platforms.

And no, I won't give a release date :)

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