Re: [stella] z26 snapshot

Subject: Re: [stella] z26 snapshot
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 08:54:02 +0200
B. Watson wrote:
> The more info you can give me, the better (DirectX version, etc).

The bit depth is at 24 (true color), resolution at 1400x1050, 85Hz, using
built-in Intel graphics.

I am not sure about DirectX (no working DXDiag on that PC). I have found 
a very few components with versions starting with 6, but most files are version
5 (e.g. ddraw.dll). AFAIK, since the PC is using Windows NT 4.0 SP5, installing 
newer DirectX drivers is not allowed and the PC is probably still mainly running 
with DirectX 3 components. 

Since the "normal" z26 versions work without problems, there must be a 
difference on your usage of SDL.

Hope that helps.


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