Re: Question about your VCS simulator [ Was Re: [stella] TIA Playfield Painter V1.02 Released]

Subject: Re: Question about your VCS simulator [ Was Re: [stella] TIA Playfield Painter V1.02 Released]
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 5 May 2004 20:37:34 -0000
> How compatible is the code with the actual 6507/TIA?  It seems to be the
> closest thing to a full devkit anyone has done, and combined with your other
> tools intrigues me, but can the results eventually be converted into an
> actual cart or is it a horse of a completely different color?

I havent explored any "code generating" abilities of the tool
(though I've written some similar stuff myself w/ the leprechaun
editor) but while it's feasible and in some ways useful to be 
able to generate working, compilable code (great for learning how 
to draw a playfield)
and someone could then put that binary onto a cart, you'd just 
have a simple static display on a cart.    Cool, but not that 

For the foreseeable future, the "dev kit" will be DASM plus 
a good text editor, ideally one that does syntax color, and eith
batch files or in-editor-compilation scripts, plus an emulator.
Tools like this one (and similar ones I've made myself,
PlayerPal / PlayfieldPal on
can be very useful, but for any non-trivial game, there's 
still plenty of coding to be done.

Two thoughts for my fellow [stella]-ites:
random idea: make a generic gunfight-like kernal, and tie 
it into an online player editor, and let people make their 
own custom head to head shooter with any 8*N graphic they 
can come up with...(and also a title screen generator)
autogenerate binaries, and then maybe work out a deal w/ AtariAge 
to let people make their own one off carts, all online.  
(maybe optionally uploading graphics for the cart art..)
Kind of a highly automated graphical-Hack generator
Whaddya think, Al, would that be fun and/or profitable?

The other thought:: look, can someone tell me, did I 
imagine this utility that let you enter note data, and then
the program would spit out frequency suggestions based 
on a closest fit algorithm?  Maybe JoustPong's tune was
so simple (C, Eb, D, Db) that I could find good matches 
easily just by looking at the generated frequency charts, or
Anyway, that's another utility that, if it doesn't exist,
needs writing...

 "Sometimes your shallowness is so thorough, it's almost like depth."--Daria

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