Re: Question about your VCS simulator [ Was Re: [stella] TIA Playfield Painter V1.02 Released]

Subject: Re: Question about your VCS simulator [ Was Re: [stella] TIA Playfield Painter V1.02 Released]
From: "Joseph Thompson" <jrt1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 17:28:22 -0500
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Subject: Re: Question about your VCS simulator [ Was Re: [stella] TIA
Playfield Painter V1.02 Released]

> >
> > How compatible is the code with the actual 6507/TIA?  It seems to be the
> > closest thing to a full devkit anyone has done, and combined with your
> > tools intrigues me, but can the results eventually be converted into an
> > actual cart or is it a horse of a completely different color?
> I havent explored any "code generating" abilities of the tool
> (though I've written some similar stuff myself w/ the leprechaun
> editor) but while it's feasible and in some ways useful to be
> able to generate working, compilable code (great for learning how
> to draw a playfield)
> and someone could then put that binary onto a cart, you'd just
> have a simple static display on a cart.    Cool, but not that
> interesting.

I wasn't referring to the playfield generator (which I assume is basically a
very simplified version of how the GreetingCarts are done), but to the full
hardware simulator Chris has on his site. . .

> For the foreseeable future, the "dev kit" will be DASM plus
> a good text editor, ideally one that does syntax color, and eith
> batch files or in-editor-compilation scripts, plus an emulator.
> Tools like this one (and similar ones I've made myself,
> PlayerPal / PlayfieldPal on
> can be very useful, but for any non-trivial game, there's
> still plenty of coding to be done.

I shall have to check these out.  I'm still thinking Tinkle Pit (or, failing
that, Ladybug) are do-able, and any tools would be helpful.  Just wish DASM
had a front end of some kind or a vcs.h was made for an assembler that
already has one.

> Two thoughts for my fellow [stella]-ites:
> random idea: make a generic gunfight-like kernal, and tie
> it into an online player editor, and let people make their
> own custom head to head shooter with any 8*N graphic they
> can come up with...(and also a title screen generator)
> autogenerate binaries, and then maybe work out a deal w/ AtariAge
> to let people make their own one off carts, all online.
> (maybe optionally uploading graphics for the cart art..)
> Kind of a highly automated graphical-Hack generator
> Whaddya think, Al, would that be fun and/or profitable?

Combine that with the Combat Redux/Indy 500 XE playfield editors and there
could definitely be something there.

> The other thought:: look, can someone tell me, did I
> imagine this utility that let you enter note data, and then
> the program would spit out frequency suggestions based
> on a closest fit algorithm?  Maybe JoustPong's tune was
> so simple (C, Eb, D, Db) that I could find good matches
> easily just by looking at the generated frequency charts,
> or
> Anyway, that's another utility that, if it doesn't exist,
> needs writing...

Eh, I'm doing the "I Got You, Babe" clock manually from a MIDI.  Bit of a
pain, but as sound coding on the Apple ][ and C64 is one of the only things
I have significant experience in to draw upon, I'm sure I'll get a better
result than from any canned util.

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