[stella] TIA PF Painter is not for creating static display programs... more infos...

Subject: [stella] TIA PF Painter is not for creating static display programs... more infos...
From: Christian Bogey <khryssun@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 15:58:07 +0200 (CEST)

Just some precisions, I think I haven't very well 
explained what my program was created for...

Kirk wrote :
> ...but while it's feasible and in some ways useful  
> to be able to generate working, compilable code 
>(great for learning how to draw a playfield)
> and someone could then put that binary onto a cart, 
> you'd just have a simple static display on a 
> cart.  Cool, but not that interesting.

Indeed, writting such "static display" programs is 
possible, but It's not really interesting and it's not
for this purpose I made my editor.
The playfield demos I provide on my VCS programming's 
page regarding my Editor are only present to show it's

possible to obtain a full WYSWYG picture.

One of the real interest of my Editor is that the code
generation allow to obtain graphic code for 1 to 192
lines (e.g. you can just save 10 lines of graphics). 
So it is very useful to create game titles like the 
nice one Kirk created for his game JoustPong (using
PFDataTitlePong & PFDataTitleJoust Data tables) in 
some clicks.

For less cycles use into the kernal, it's possible 
e.g. to create a 30 lines title with 1 pixel height 
resolution and to draw each playfield data code every 
2, 3 or as many scanlines as you want.

It may be useful too to create mountains at the top of

a game screen or the ground at the bottom... just some
pixels height. e.g. I'am currently using the code I
created with my tool to program an horizontal ground
scrolling like the one there's in Star Wars the Empire

Strikes Back... nothing static here :-)

Many things can be made with it, just depending the
you'll use it ;-)

I hope I was clear now in my explanations and that my
Editor will be useful to the community. :-)

Take care,


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