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Subject: Re: [stella] Stella List
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 23 May 2004 01:32:08 -0000
> At 1:00 PM -0400 5/22/04, Brett Burnell wrote:
> > I agree. This list has left "helpful" to become just a flame war
> > between big egos. Sad...
> I'm depressed to think that ONE discussion has sullied this
> wonderful list in your mind.  The list has been going for over 7
> years, and I think just for the wealth of information in the
> archives, it remains "helpful".
> I'm extremely saddened that some of you have chosen to leave over
> this.  I would ask that you reconsider and come back when the
> anger over this has cooled down.

Agree 100%. People can't have such thin skins about this.
Yes we should encourage this conversation to moderate itself
(in more ways than one) and/or be moved elsewhere. But overall,
this group has a fantastic signal/noise ratio.
> > Does anyone even moderate this?
> The answer is no.  For the most part this list doesn't need it, as
> usually people can more politely moderate themselves.  I hope that
> we can all get over this, learn to debate more constructively when
> disagreements arise, and not get so worked up about such things
> when they occure, and this list will continue not to require any
> moderation.

And not only that...I wouldn't want a group where the conversation
in question was shot down for being off topic.  (Warned, perhaps, but 
not really fully moderated) It is tangentally
related to the group's mandate, and while there's some very strong
emotion and hurt feelings going on, it's just trying to work itself

To be fair, I have my online roots in Usenet, that has a strong 
tradition of the power of unmoderated groups.

> Now that the thread in question seems to have died down, how about
> you all check out Thomas new minigame, and let's get back to 2600
> development, please?

Will do!
Love is two crickets hopping in the same direction --W.T.Vollmann

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