Re: [stella] Poll: What is everybody working on?

Subject: Re: [stella] Poll: What is everybody working on?
From: "Gonzalo Fernández" <horcas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 16:22:28 -0300 (ART)
Hello everybody! I've been working on this, the first playable(?) version of
my demo. When I started, I really thought that it could be a fun game. But
now, I don't know. Can anybody see waht's wrong with it.?

Here is how to play. You must save the slaves (moving the joystick down over
them) and collect the treasure chests (in the same way). You can shoot the
enemy planes and bombs too. You have to check your speed and make the little
plane at the bottom to reach the right edge before the time is out
(something will happen in further versions). The colors in the timebar
to red if you need to speed up, and is yellow if you are ok. I'll write the
game story so you can understand better all this stuffs.

Ah... the colors might be wrong because I'm on a monochrome monitor. And the
items don't work yet.

> Well, I myself am a bit lazy these days, taking a break after finishing
> Seawolf.
Excellent game.

> I started talking to Jeff McCord about a 2600 port of "Sword of Fargoal",
> but basically that's it.
Oh... good one. All your ports are great. What about an original title?

Gonzalo Fernández.

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