Re: [stella] Poll: What is everybody working on?

Subject: Re: [stella] Poll: What is everybody working on?
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 00:31:12 +0200
Hi there!

You say "objects do a 2 lines movement", is that *just* the sprites?
Because I see rather the backgound as the problem. Or is everything moving two lines at times?

No. Everything moves together. Bk, Pf and P1 movement are calculated in the same time, same way.

Ah, that's what I thought :-)

Hm... if all your things are always moving 2 scanlines at once, maybe you can shift the start of your screen by 1 scanline every other frame?

Yes. I thought in that some time ago but didn't want to complicate my life.
But I tried and it looks better with the single line scrolling, but now I
have problems with the plane that can't be solved by adjusting the vertical position. I have to make seriuos changes to the kernel. I don't know if it worths it.

Oh, it's definetely worth it, trust me! ;-)

what precisesly are the problems now?

Ps: I receive a Hotmail message with the same subject when I post. What's

Same here...

@Russ: Before I forget it, people are currently supposed to subscribe to [Stella] via a link that is called "Easy unsubscribe", can't you do something about that nonsense?


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