Reflex: NTSC/PAL50/PAL60 support added

Subject: Reflex: NTSC/PAL50/PAL60 support added
From: "Lee Fastenau" <stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 01:02:15 -0500
Hello everyone!

I managed to squeeze three video modes into the game without too much
hassle.  As I described in previous messages, there are two different ways
to change modes:

1. On power-on:
    a. Hold "Game Select" for PAL60
    b. Hold "Game Reset" for PAL50
    c. Hold none for NTSC (default)

2. On the options screen or in-game:
    a. Move the "TV TYPE" switch to cycle between PAL60, PAL50, and NTSC.

The PAL50/60 palette seems to look okay as far as Z26 goes.  Z26 also
reports 262 and 312 scanlines for NTSC/PAL60 and PAL50, respectively.
Things seem to work okay on my Supercharger, but I'd really appreciate
feedback from PAL50/60 users.

Here are some screenshots from Z26 of the correct NTSC colors:  The PAL colors should look comparable.

Thanks all!  And g'night.


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