Re: [stella] A few tunes

Subject: Re: [stella] A few tunes
From: "henitrope@xxxxxxxx" <henitrope@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 00:50:22 GMT
Hey Manuel,

I like those tunes! :-)

Like you mentioned, the Apshai tune is kinda spooky. But it seems too slow. Was this on purpose?

I can imagine it sped up a bit for play during the titlescreen or something, for Gateway to Apshai( if it becomes your next project).

Out of curiosity: You've got the "Christmas Demo" as a visual while the tune plays. I noticed that the graphics move at different speeds for each example tune. Frogger and Archon are faster, Apshai is slower. Is this because the audio commands are interefering with the timing of the VSYNC and VBLANK or is it something else?



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