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Subject: Re: [stella] COA Reloaded
From: <joe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 20:40:53 -0400
OK a few things in one quick play
I had no idea what to do when I killed all the monsters.  I accidentally ran off one side of the screen and got to the next screen
The monsters tend to wait on the edges.  This means that you land on them when you jump on the platform.  On some platforms there's no other way to jump up except right on top of monsters. I think they should not try and find you until you're on the same platform as them, they should just move back and forth and attack when you're on the same one together
The collision detection seems odd.  Sometimes I can walk through them without getting hurt and other times I was killed while bashing them
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Subject: [stella] COA Reloaded

This is a bit revised and edited version. Changes include:
- Name. Now it will be called Chronicles Of Airata :)
- Monsters move faster and attack faster
- Sir Pixel moves slower, but attacks faster (action is generally faster)
- Monsters can chase Sir Pixel through the whole platform (however, they can't walk over a hole (not mentioning some buggy situations, which I will soon get rid of))
- Controls are changed to those proposed by Paul Slocum. With one difference: fire + down is 'heal'. This is because you can very easily accidentally press this combination during combat, when you try to block attack and immediately counter. You can't heal at 3 lives, so if you accidentally heal yourself it's nothing wrong. And it's easier to heal in combat - just keep guarding and press fire.
Up+fire is good for fireballing, which Sir Pixel often would like to perform while jumping - just keep 'up' pressed and press fire.
I think it works fine and instead of taking away, saved me some ROM - thanks, Paul!!!

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