Re: Odp: Odp: [stella] My second game

Subject: Re: Odp: Odp: [stella] My second game
From: Kevin Lipe <kevin.lipe@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 20:05:36 -0500
>Though I play lots of musical instruments and have written lots of
lyrics, it is A2600 programming what made me feel like an artist...
and making an 8K ROM is like breaking all the rules of the sonnet,
making something that should be better, but losing all the magic.

> Okay, forget you've read this! Sorry to trash the list with such stupid posts.

Nah... I really liked that analogy. I like this game, too :) keep up
the good work! Hopefully you'll be able to add some of that stuff and
keep your sonnet intact :)

~ Kevin

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