Re: [stella] a few more chronicles bugs

Subject: Re: [stella] a few more chronicles bugs
From: <joe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 06:23:47 -0400
2. Some platforms on top can't be reached once you get below them. You
to die to start at the top again for instance, if I start at 'A' and
go directly to 'B' but instead fall onto 'C' there's no way to then get to
'B' without wasting a life to start over

A----- B-----


That's true, but it's just the level design. After all, nobody said that knight's life is easy.

OK I guess as long as it's a known thing, it' s not that bad

5. Bottom platforms seem to shift up or down depending on where you're

When does it happen? I didn't notice it. In the early states this was a true
problem, but finally I've discovered that it was because I tried to stuff
some more code in the horizontal positioning lines, and if a sprite was too
far on the right, it didn't fit and dropped on the next line. But I moved
the code and didn't see it no more. When exactly did you notice that?


Don't know what I was doing when it happened so I can't reproduce, but it did happen. I'll keep playing and see if I can get it to happen again.

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