Crazy Balloon Day 4

Subject: Crazy Balloon Day 4
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 20:36:17 +0100
Hi there!

Since the archives are still broken, I've decided to post versions of Crazy Balloon alternating between [Stella] and Atari Age.

New since the last [Stella] version:

- the score display
- the state display
- vertical scrolling
- smaller balloon
- stable TV frame

The state display differs a bit from the arcade. I think a "bonus bar" is a good enough replacement for a "bonus counter" though.

I was also forced to switch the display of the level layout from RAM to ROM, as I just didn't get the "rest" of the game working with 22 Bytes...

This also means that I have to find some new way for those levels where parts of the background move and - yet another kernel rewrite...

The 2LK has currently 40 cycles left, I hope that even with the required rewrite it still can do the second sprite (at 2 line resolution) and the ball.

In case "most" levels from the arcade should be doable.

@Piero: I tried Looney Balloon by now, but I think it's too far away from the engine I wrote now. Even when being similar in gameplay, it'd require way different display "strategies" than Crazy Balloon, as Looney Ballon would definitely require repositioning and/or an intelligent flicker engine...


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