Re[2]: [stella] Setting up an alternative stella archive

Subject: Re[2]: [stella] Setting up an alternative stella archive
From: wizard <wizard@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 18:28:59 -0600
R> I do have a Stella archive dating back to when I posted my first
R> Boing26 demo, which was 1999-12-21.  So there is a gap between 
R> the end of the SGANB archive and the beginning of mine.

R> My archive comprises three standard mbox files (with a good deal 
R> of overlap... don't have a mail deduping program or I would have 
R> used it already), which any interested party can now download 
R> zipped at .  I think 
R> pretty much any mail program or archive manager can deal with 
R> mbox files.

R> The file is 36MB so forgive me if I don't keep it up for more 
R> than a few days.

R> Rob

I removed the duplicates using The Bat! email program.  You can find
it at and replace your
archive.  It's much smaller at 15MB.

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