RE: [stella] Time for a change?

Subject: RE: [stella] Time for a change?
From: "Lee Fastenau" <stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 08:28:49 -0600
> Lee, I've been around for a few years longer (though I'm harldly an
> old-timer) and I thought I noticed the same thing, but then I realized
> the stella list has often had an ebb and flow.  Now I can't guarantee
> that eventually the vets will be more distracted by other interests
> and the new blood will stop coming in, but a prolonged lull isn't a
> death knell.

I understand ebb and flow.  Ebb and flow happens in literal communities as
well.  You will see more "For Sale" signs during some parts of the year than
others.  But if your community is broken -- say, there's no garbage
collection or no water -- regardless of how great the neighbors are, people
will leave.  I think we're in a similar situation here.  This list (the
community hub) is broken.  I don't think it will die, but perhaps it will
get thinner.

By the way, I make analogies more for my benefit, not to insult anyone's
intelligence. :)


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