Re: [stella] Crazy Balloon Update

Subject: Re: [stella] Crazy Balloon Update
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 18:22:46 -0500
Hi there!

>> Is the flicker worse enough justifying another 60-80 bytes of ROM for
>> two additional kernel lines? After all there's only 2 out of the 16 
>> levels that have them.

> I don't think it looks bad on a real television.

Ok, good to know.

> Cool, will be nice to see some extra levels included.  Could be
> interesting to have a contest to dream up some new levels for the game,
> within the allowable constraints you define.

Hm... Sounds interesting. But while I'm fine documenting how the level 
data works, I can't see forcing myself to write something like an editor 
for it. So Christian Bogeys or Kirks PF Tools, plus some minimal "How To 
Compile" DASM knowledge would be required for someone wanting to design a 

>> I also have a nasty additional idea for a new obstacle for the balloon, 
>> which I plan to have as a replacement for a certain effect that I can't 
>> recreate on the VCS...

> Excellent. What's the effect that you can't recreate on the VCS?

When you play the level with the second layout for the second time (level 
5), the center block of spikes will start to move up and down, blocking 
your path.

BTW: There's an amazing PDF document available, describing the Arcade game 
in every detail: (5,7MB!)

(Detailed level descriptions start from page 25 onwards)


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