Re: [stella] Crazy Balloon Update

Subject: Re: [stella] Crazy Balloon Update
From: Albert Yarusso <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 21:50:03 -0500

On Feb 28, 2005, at 5:22 PM, Manuel Rotschkar wrote:
> Hm... Sounds interesting. But while I'm fine documenting how the level
> data works, I can't see forcing myself to write something like an 
> editor
> for it. So Christian Bogeys or Kirks PF Tools, plus some minimal "How 
> To
> Compile" DASM knowledge would be required for someone wanting to 
> design a
> level.

I don't think that would be too bad--perhaps we could solicit someone 
to write a simple editor that conforms to your rules?  Would be fun to 
have a visual editor that allows you to place the various blocks, the 
player's starting position, the exit, moving blocks, the blowing man, 
and set various attributes for the level (color, whether the level is 
moving up and down, and so forth).  Even better if it can compile it 
and generate a binary that can then be tested in a 2600 emulator.  Past 
"level creation" contests on AtariAge have been very successful, and 
such a design contest for Crazy Balloon would be the first for a new 
2600 homebrew game (the others have been for hacks of existing Atari 

>> Excellent. What's the effect that you can't recreate on the VCS?
> When you play the level with the second layout for the second time 
> (level
> 5), the center block of spikes will start to move up and down, blocking
> your path.

As if the game wasn't already difficult enough!

> BTW: There's an amazing PDF document available, describing the Arcade 
> game
> in every detail:
> (5,7MB!)
> (Detailed level descriptions start from page 25 onwards)

Wow, that cover is kind of scary.  :)  Nice detail, I wouldn't expect 
all the levels to be outlined like that in a service manual for a game. 
  Certainly helps in the creation of an arcade accurate rendition of the 
game, without having to play it incessantly in MAME (or, uhhr, owning 
the game!)


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