RE: [stella] Dumping ROM images

Subject: RE: [stella] Dumping ROM images
From: "Lee Fastenau" <stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 09:12:35 -0500
Tried sending this last night, but seems to never have posted.  I'll try
zipping the files. :/ 
Sorry if triple posted for some...

> Unanswered questions: Will inserting and removing carts cause any noise
> on the bus lines?  Can the reader code be made to fit into 128 bytes?

I built a simple kernel that polls the Reset switch.  Reset triggers a BRK
which starts whatever game I've inserted.  I've successfully swapped carts
several times without any frying or apparent data loss.

Note that the program doesn't fill RAM, so I guess it's possible that the
higher addresses are getting fried... doubt it though.

:) It was fun to build.  (But difficult to post!)


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