Re: [stella] A new generation--offa stella list?

Subject: Re: [stella] A new generation--offa stella list?
From: Kirk Israel <kirkjerk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 22:31:56 -0400
On 5/3/05, Dennis Debro <dennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You know, I was going to right a lot more, but I realized I had
nothing much to add to what you wrote, I agree with you on most

> that I think about it could I be part of the problem? What I mean
> by that is if I just work on my projects outside of [stella] and just post
> when they're done, then I'm not contributing either. I'd rather post
> completed projects or projects at a certain milestone vs. hitting the list
> with minor updates. 

Well, there are kind of 2 ways of posting, with many people in between:
* people who are solid enough that they just post to let interested
parties follow along the progress, and maybe generate buzz
* people who are a little more unsteady, and need to ask either simple
seeming questions and "hey could someone take a look at this code, I'm

For the former, a web diary can be an interesting supplemant tho that,
though you'd probably want to post on something like AA to remind
people of the general I think AA is better for minor
updates, [stella] for the more major ones.

I personally have big doubts about archive diving for learning least the basics...I think both my 2600 101 and Andrew
Davies' work is a much better bet.  And for advanced questions it
might be hard to get a search query just right to get you to the
relevant info.  (I value [stella] archives much more for the milestone
alphas and betas posted, and all those little demos...)

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