Re: [stella] M-4 port

Subject: Re: [stella] M-4 port
From: Kirk Israel <kirkjerk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 15:12:50 -0400
On 5/4/05, Bob Montgomery <BobM@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So, Kirk's thoughtful email got me thinking that maybe I should be a little more active in [stella], so here I goes.

Heh.  I guess one decision people have to make is to make sure they
don't mind talking about their work here on [stella] and on AA...or
rather understand their might be some repested ideas, because not
everyone on one reads the other.

> Any suggestions/comments are welcome.  I hope to cram this down into 1K eventually, so optimization tips are extra-appreciated!

Well, I gave you my "jetpack" idea...but then again that seem to be my
answer for improving almost every game ;-)

The 1K goal is interesting to me. I guess I kind of understand people
grooving on the intellectual challenge of it, and also there has been
the 1K section of the minigame compo.  Flipside is, I'd much rather
see more "bloated" games than fewer "lean and mean" games, because
it's hard to strip down a ROM, and also I have a nagging suspicion
it's almost an excuse not to make games more aesthetically pleasing.

Flipflipside, it might be cool to start bundling games as
"multicarts", even if they're different programmers. I think Thomas
was thinking of something like that? With the "cave copter" and the 2
platform things.  Has that been released as a cart?

(also, blast from the past, I was duly amazed when Manuel stiched like
9 different demos in one, )

Sidenote: is search broken?
Conversely: [stella] proper now seems up to date, archive wise?  What
are the current plans for transitioning the list?
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