Re: [stella] 2P x 3 digit score routines?

Subject: Re: [stella] 2P x 3 digit score routines?
From: "Fred Quimby" <c9r@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 02:58:42 -0400

This looks interesting, but as it sits it looks like it would require digits 
to be stored in RAM since it uses absolute indexed addressing.  What's the 
purpose of the TXS/JSR in the middle of the kernel, is it just to burn up 
cycles? If so, is it possible to use the cycles for indirect indexed 
addressing instead?

- Fred

>From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
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>Subject: Re: [stella] 2P x 3 digit score routines?
>Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 15:47:09 -0400
>Thomas Jentzsch wrote:
> > Attached is the result. Maybe it gives you an idea, how to solve your
> > problem.
>And here is another (unfinished!) idea attached, using JSR to trigger
>Have fun!
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