Re: [stella] ASM comparison question

Subject: Re: [stella] ASM comparison question
From: "B. Watson" <atari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 13:03:37 -0400
On Wed, 25 May 2005, Dennis Debro wrote:

> >       jsr getRandomByte  ; byte is 0-255
> >       lsr a              ; now it's 0-127, carry may or may not be set
> >       adc #9             ; now it's 9-137, done
> >       sta whereever
> I like this one. Sure the right side get's cheated but I'm okay with the
> max here.

If this is the only place you ever use getRandomByte, you could change
it to a routine that gets 7 random bits in the first place, and avoid
the LSR... however, your range then becomes 9-136 (or 10-137, depending
how the getRandom* routine leave the carry flag).

It's also possible to write a getRandomByte routine with multiple
entry points, so you can get any number of random bits as needed.
Assuming the existence of a getRandomBit that returns a random bit
in the carry flag:

 	jsr getRandomBit
 	rol a

 	; You need to make sure A is zero before calling any of the
 	; getRandom0to* entry points!
 	; Use something like:
 	;   lda #0
 	;   jsr getRandom0to7
 	; This could be hidden behind macros...

 	jsr getRandomBit
 	rol a
 	jsr getRandomBit
 	rol a
 	jsr getRandomBit
 	rol a
 	jsr getRandomBit
 	rol a
 	jsr getRandomBit
 	rol a
 	jsr getRandomBit
 	rol a
getRandom0to1:      ; not very useful, really
 	jsr getRandomBit
 	rol a

...Of course this wastes a lot of bytes. It might be better to write
a loop version of it, that takes a parameter (number of bits), but
it'd be a bit slower...

Probably no 2600 game would ever need this, anyway. It's just an

> BTW, I don't know why my responses haven't been showing up. Then again
> maybe they are and they're just not coming to me.

I'm seeing them just fine...


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