Re: [stella] Question about Distella

Subject: Re: [stella] Question about Distella
From: David Galloway <davidgalloway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 23:35:30 -0400
Dennis Debro wrote:

>Hi there,
>Is there a way to tell Distella that the registers are not referenced in
>the normal way? For instance instead of $02 being WSYNC the program uses
>$42. Did I over look this in the documentation?
I was just disassembling some code recently and I modified DiStella to 
consider LAX a normal menomic and I also worked on the problem of symbol 
aliasing between the TIA read and write registers. How do you handle 
this yourself Dennis? I found it a pain to have to search through the 
output to find the loads from COLUPF and change them to loads from 
INPT0. Changing the disassembler seemed a better option.

Straying off topic for a second, I have my own personal Perforce server 
for all my own projects/modifications and this makes it very handy to do 
updates and see history on things I've done already (months or even 
years ago). Perforce is free for a two user system, and I recommend it 
for home use. It's nice to have many of the open source tools checked 
into my own server.

Let me take a look at the source and see if there's an option for what 
you want or if it might be fairly easy to add.

 - David

>Take care,
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