Re: [stella] Stella 2.0 Alpha 3 available

Subject: Re: [stella] Stella 2.0 Alpha 3 available
From: "B. Watson" <atari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 16:27:13 -0400
On Sun, 3 Jul 2005, atari2600 wrote:

> I would like to check this out on Boulder Dash (R) -- but I'm
> wondering... does Stella handle 3E bankswitching?

Apparently not: there's no Cartridge3E class and no mention of the string
"3E" in the source anywhere.

If you can point me to a web page or something with a good description
of the 3E scheme, I'll (attempt to) add support for it. Actually I
found your original post about it:

There may be enough information there... Though it'd be nice to have at
least one ROM image that uses 3E, so I can test my code. Apparently you
can't just send me your binary for copyright reasons, but maybe early
on in your work you wrote a test ROM that just switches banks and does
something like display different colors in the different banks...?

Also, you'll probably have to generate your own entry for
your binaries: I don't know if I'll be able to auto-detect 3E mode.

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