[stella] Documentation about 6502 & TIA

Subject: [stella] Documentation about 6502 & TIA
From: "Fernando Romo" <fromobal@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 23:30:30 -0400

  I have been studying about how to programming ATARI 2600 (6502), and also 
the way the TIA works, at this moment the only material that I have been 
reading it have found it from ATARI AGE Web Page, it has been very usefull, 
but I would like to know if there are some books in order to study in a 
formal way. I am not telling that ATARI AGE information is not good, it has 
been very usefull.

  I am newbie regarding this subject, therefore I would like to know is you 
could recomend me some books regarding this interesting topic.

My best regards
Fernando Romo

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