Re: [stella] on Batari BASIC

Subject: Re: [stella] on Batari BASIC
From: eeid@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 12:17:00 -0400
Kirk Israel did write:

> Anyway, I wonder what you all think of this. An upcoming flood of
> small, simple homebrews makes me feel different about what I've
> achieved I think.

You might be able to liken this to the situation that existed in the 8-bit 
computer era.  Magazines such as Antic, ANALOG, and Compute! gave us a 
slew of type-in games, nearly all written in BASIC, with a few in assembly 
language.  The games written in BASIC mostly did not compare to those made 
in assembly language in terms of speed or sophistication, but a number of 
them were still quite fun to play.

Those type-in games, particularly those written in BASIC, could also be 
tinkered with and "hacked" fairly easily, encouraging enthusiasts to 
experiment with those games and perhaps make their own.

Some of those small, simple homebrews could end up being worthwhile 
additions to our game collections.  :)

- Erik Eid

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