[stella] stellalist backup

Subject: [stella] stellalist backup
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 13:33:57 -0400
I'm in the process of migrating my TheDig to run on my home PC on a cable modem so I can save $50 a month in hosting.  I've got everything pulled down from SQL Server into MySQL right now.  I also have brought it up-to-date unlike the live one.

I have all the attachments that Biglist is currently serving on my hard drive.

Since I'm screenscraping Biglist, the way that it formats the messages can cause some difficulties.  I don't know if it's biglist or the mail client or a little of both.  I have trouble parsing messages where text attachments are made in combination with other attachments.  What happens is the message gets expanded into part of the body so that the body is split into two chunks with the other attachments in the middle.

I reconstructed Andrew's notBD12JAN2005b posting to fix that.  But I would advise in the future if people intend to post assembly listings, to copy and paste them directly into the body or zip them, but don't attach asm or other text files.

Besides restoring the regular site features with a fulltext search, what I intend to do is set up an RSS feed and a webservice.  The webservice will let anyone programmatically access the normalized fields without any further screenscraping.  The RSS would just have links to my version of the message page.

This alternate biglist archive may be more useful during a transition to another system.  Atariage could import the archive into their system to provide a seamless migration.  Or I could simply change the import job to pull from AtariAge (or both systems) and stack everything together here.

But the bottom line is if Biglist goes away, I've got a pretty complete copy.


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