Re: [stella] Addressing Problem

Subject: Re: [stella] Addressing Problem
From: christian ammann <christian.ammann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 14:11:12 -0400
Manuel Rotschkar wrote:

>Hi there!
>>Lets image i have 10 levels. X is only 8 bit. So it will overflow after
>>finishing level 4 and loading level 5. How can i solve this problem?
>Indirect Y indexing should do the trick:
>When Loading your data:
>LDA (levelPointer),Y
>Advancing to the next level:
>    LDA levelPointer
>    CLC
>    ADC #61
>    STA levelPointer
>    BCC MSBFine
>    INC levelPointer+1
Hi Manuel,
thanx for the code. Good idea. I dunno why i havent found out that by 
myself. Perhaps i thought to complicate. ;)

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