[stella] TheDig relaunch

Subject: [stella] TheDig relaunch
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 04:53:27 -0400
I'm officially relaunching my version of TheDig.


I know that the Biglist archive works, but at the very
least I do prefer the page navigation scheme on TheDig
where you can page back through the months instead of
moving up and down levels.  I will be adding more
filter and ordering features soon.

It's running on BlueDragon with a MySQL backend.  I
think it runs a lot faster now, partly beause it has
my whole box instead of sharing a virtual host.  I'm
doing keyword search through MySQL instead of
ColdFusion verity so that seems to work a lot better.

I also wired up an RSS feed:


I'm running the biglist screenscraper every hour now
so the RSS feed will update multiple times during the
day if people post.  

I'm thinking that the most useful application of the
RSS feed would be as a read-only alternative to
subscribing.  I'm sending the entire message body in
the RSS feed so it prety much works like a mailing
list to anyone who subscribes to the feed.  It's
probably not a good idea to send the entire body with
no restrictions but it's an experiment.

As I said in the other message, attachments are
getting sent to subscribers but not getting put into
the archive.  It looks like this has been happening
since January.  What I'm going to try doing is
manually archive these where they exist on TheDig but
not on Biglist's archive, by plucking these out of my
mail client.  I don't know how much work that's going
to be.  Hopefully that will be useful for some people.

I was originally going to put in a feature where
people could send emails to list members.  It wasn't
going to be a mailto, but a webform.  Is this
something that people are comfortable with?  I have
all the real email addresses unencrypted and stored in
my database but I don't display them on the web.

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