[stella] stella transition

Subject: [stella] stella transition
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 15:30:35 -0400
First off, it looks like TheDig is going to be down
until Sunday.  It will catch up when I get my cable
modem service back.  All the new messages just
accumulate in the dedicated comcast POP3 account I
have set up for it.

Even though it's not as integrated into AtariAge as I
would have liked, it's great that a new list is
available.  But I just have one concern, and that's
fragmentation.  If we're going to move to the new
list, we really should be forced to do so and
Stellalist should be given a deadline after which it
gets shut down or posts get locked out.  Otherwise you
are going to have simultaneous discussions on both
lists and some people won't "hear" what's going on
over at the other list.  If everyone stays subbed to
both lists it defeats the purpose of having a new

Nothing would be lost here if by "shutting down" it
means it removes Biglist's archive pages also.

Even if Biglist completely goes away, we will have a
complete and portable archive that can be restored
anywhere.  (Actually more than one archive in varying
formats/levels of completeness.)

Since Stellalist has been around since 1996 it has
left a lot of "fingerprints" on the web which people
stumble upon, people may join the list not knowing a
new one is around.  It's going to get confusing.

So I'd like to hear from Russ what he plans on doing.

During the transition I intend to archive both lists
just in case.  I'll be able to seprate them out on
TheDig so you can view them merged or separate.

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