[stella] Batari BASIC

Subject: [stella] Batari BASIC
From: Jess Ragan <mneko13@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 05:25:32 -0400
> >I'm softening my stance a bit on this, but I still
> feel like [stella]
> >doesn't "want" to deal with things that bB
> specific.

I get that impression as well, but when you hold a
contest for Batari BASIC users (complete with a
substancial cash prize) and require them to join the
list to participate in the contest, you have to expect
the new members of the list to talk about their games.

Look, I don't stick around where I'm not wanted, and
if this is an ASM-only mailing list, I can respect
that.  I have a tremendous amount of admiration for
anyone willing to develop 2600 games in assembly
language... it takes a lot of intelligence, patience,
and dedication.  The least you deserve for months of
effort designing new software for the classic gaming
community is your own mailing list.

However, I was *asked* to come here, as was everyone
else who programs games with Batari BASIC.  Arguing
that bB users don't belong on Stella List after
inviting them here with a contest is akin to leaving
an open can of tuna on the front porch, then
complaining when the cats arrive.


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