Re: [stella] Batari BASIC

Subject: Re: [stella] Batari BASIC
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 06:00:30 -0400
Jess Ragan wrote:
> However, I was *asked* to come here, as was everyone
> else who programs games with Batari BASIC.  Arguing
> that bB users don't belong on Stella List after
> inviting them here with a contest is akin to leaving
> an open can of tuna on the front porch, then
> complaining when the cats arrive.

Sorry, if I sounded harsh in my first post. I didn't know that you
where invited. 

I don't have any problems discussing problems with Batari BASIC, but
unless they are at least a bit low-level related, I still don't think
they belong to [stella]. And since we don't have subforums like AA
does, it would IMO mix into the list with stuff that many members
are probably not very interested in. [stella] has always been very
technical and low-level oriented and I prefer it to stay that way,
because it's the only (and best!) place we have for that. So I hope
you can understand my motivations.

You still have AA (and I occasionally visit the BASIC related threads)
and you can create you own mailing list for Batari BASIC programmers.

BTW: [stella] has moved over to

I am sure you are welcome and sooner or later you probably will switch
over to Assembler anyway. :-)

Have fun!
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