RE: sample file

Subject: RE: sample file
From: "Christian Wittern" <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 10:19:31 +0800

> Part of my objective of writing the article at:
> was to provide working examples.  You can obtain the following files
> through links in the article:

Thank you for doing so. It proved very constructive for me. However, I have
a problem with one of the files:
> Size     Date    Time  File
> 18 878  99-04-22  13:36 xmlcom.msxsl         - IE5 XSL

When using this file other than for direct browsing of XML, the MSXML engine
complains that a DTD referenced in this file (that it, STYLESHEET.DTD) is
not available. I have not found this file anywhere. Could you please give me
some pointers?
Apologies if this is a FAQ, I just joined this list.

All the best,

Christian WIttern

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