RE: elements in a namespace

Subject: RE: elements in a namespace
From: Mike Brown <mbrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 10:56:34 -0600
> In the stylesheet, "Expression evaluation occurs with respect to a
> context, which consists of: [...] the set of namespace declarations in
> scope for the expression" but "the default namespace (as declared by
> xmlns) is not part of this set"(see
> in 
> other words,
> the spec says XSLT expressions can use namespace prefixes in 
> the normal way but not namespace defaults.

Yes, and one's understanding of what happens with namespace declarations can
be further muddled by the misnomer of "result-ns". The stylesheet is
defining the structure of the result tree, the elements of which may be
associated with any number of namespaces.

The default namespace, as declared by the xmlns attribute, is just for the
assignment of a namespace to result tree elements that aren't expressed in
the stylesheet with qualifiers (prefixes). And the result-ns is just a hint
to the processor as to what kind of externalization of the result tree is

The gist is: namespace declarations in the stylesheet have nothing to do
with elements in the source tree. <sigh/>

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