WANTED - XML Hotshots

Subject: WANTED - XML Hotshots
From: Michael Tan <mtan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 15:22:34 -0700

I apologize for sending a solicitation to this list, but please understand
that its difficult to find talented technologists in the XML space.

We're in need of augmenting our development staff here at PeopleMover, Inc.
http://www.peoplemover.com.  We're a venture backed Internet startup company
in Manhattan Beach, California.

Our new browser-based project is based upon Distributed Workforce Management
for large enterprise deployments.  We've locked down specs and the eight
developers we have have been in the development cycle for about two months
now.  We're in need of some hotshots on both the back end and front end to
ensure October delivery dates with these new technologies who can start with
technical capabilities in the following areas:

Our IE5 Browser-based deployment requires a GUI Engineer to know:
+ Rendering XML via XSLT (LotusXSL) data to HMTL 4.0
+ JavaScript (ECMAScript) 
+ IE5 based DHTML
+ CSS experience
+ RDF would be nice

Our Servlet/Weblogic EJB deployment requires a backend Engineer to know:
+ Java/EJB
+ Scripting language (JPython, JavaScript)
+ RDF would be nice

We are following all the W3C recommendations for XSLT, XML, HTML4 etc.  If
your a self motivated, sharp developer (or know of those super-humans) who's
looking to come out west, please give us a call/email!


Mike Tan
PeopleMover, Inc.
310-819-1900 x150

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