Searchable XML

Subject: Searchable XML
From: Ben Robb <Ben@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 12:29:04 +0100

I have a little theoretical question.

I have built a sub-site for a client which takes a word document and
converts it into an XML document which is then FTP'ed to the site. This
happens once a day.

Since we have rigourously set the formating of the word doc, we can then
pass it through our style sheet without any problems. The previous day's
version of the XML page is then put into an Archive directory (with a name
of the form ddmmyyyy.xml) so that we can view at will any given day's

Problem is, though, our client wants this to be searchable....going back a
year (that's 15k x 365 = 3.67 M if you bundle it into one XML file - a
little large).

Any thoughts?

[I am using the IE5 parser to convert into a result string in ASP; my web
server is running Site Server 3/ IIS4, if that makes a difference]

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