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Subject: RE: Searchable XML
From: "WorldNet" <csgallagher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 09:04:27 -0500
> Since we have rigorously set the formatting of the word doc, we can then
> pass it through our style sheet without any problems. The previous day's
> version of the XML page is then put into an Archive directory (with a name
> of the form ddmmyyyy.xml) so that we can view at will any given day's
> content.
> Problem is, though, our client wants this to be searchable....going back a
> year (that's 15k x 365 = 3.67 M if you bundle it into one XML file - a
> little large).

I've been wondering - theoretically - about the document management
issues myself. I'm working in two scenarios: First, short documents unique
themselves analogous to articles in a journal or a magazine and Second,
technical documents that are part of a KnowledgeBase such as would be a
manual for a construction project of let's say 1,250 pages that must also be
transparently accessible via the CAD drawings and vice versa.

Take either case empirically and an organization has a helluva library on
one's hands
that should be designed and structured well from the giddy-up. The question
to be asked, "How will the knowledge be accessible"?

At this juncture of my own understanding I'm assuming that RDF and its
unique identifiers
will be used within each document as a header, that header will be archived
of the source document, tokenized, and serve as the knowledge request source

Commentary regarding practical application theory?

-- Regards
Clinton Gallagher
NET cpio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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