RE: XSL Optimizations

Subject: RE: XSL Optimizations
From: "Earl Bingham" <earl@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 13:42:37 -0500
In relation to optimizations my concern is with the fact that it takes
to do certain processing on a file that should be in milliseconds for it to
acceptable from a client perspective.

I have an XSL file that will do a transformation from one DTD to another.
there is 4 steps to put an XML file into a database which is taking 4-5
Then another 3-4 seconds to remove it and present it to the client in HTML

I was curious if anyone knows how to make this faster, other than removing
steps involved.


Earl Bingham

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> An idea that has been floating around in my head is to have a hash
> table that maps element type names to a list of templates that may
> match elements of the given type.

SAXON determines for each pattern whether it is able to match only elements
of a particular type; it then maintains one list of "specific" patterns for
each element type, and one list of "generic" patterns. For a given element
node, it has to search the specific pattern list for that element type plus
the generic list; for any other kind of node it just searches the generic


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