RE: Numbers above 128 !

Subject: RE: Numbers above 128 !
From: Steve Schow <sjs@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 01:34:37 -0700
I think you have to specify with the "encoding" attribute in the XML what
charset your characters are in. Anything about 127 is not in the ASCII
charset, and therefore belongs to a superset.....such as UTF-8, UCS-2,
ISO-8859-2, etc..  You need to know which set it was and specify that in the
XML declaration.....then hope and pray that lotus knows what to do with your

If you have any control over what goes into the actual XML, you might
consider finding a way to have the XML contain UTF-8 encoded characters....

Unfortunately, I'm not an XSL or Lotus guru, so that's about all the help I
think I can lend right now.  Good luck.


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> Subject: Numbers above 128 !
> I am using lotus xsl 0_17_2 and xml4j Parser for the following
> Some of my attributes, text nodes contain characters above
> ASCII 128. I want these to come in result tree as it is. But I
> find that these characters are being converted as per HTML 4
> For e.g character 246 becomes &tilde;
> How do I get the characters as it is. I need this because we use some
> propreitary font which display diacritic using the special character.
> How do I turn off this entity conversion.
> Thanks
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