Re: Numbers above 128 !

Subject: Re: Numbers above 128 !
From: Eugeny Kuzakov <kev@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 20:08:47 +0700 (OSS)
On Sun, 27 Jun 1999, S.Ramaswamy wrote:

As I understand you...

Try to use lotusxsl 0.17.0.
It work fine for me.

I am don't like 0.17.{1|2}.
lotusxsl v.0.17.{1|2} always gererates characters, that higher 128 in
&xXXXX style.

But v.0.17.0 work fine.

> I am using lotus xsl 0_17_2 and xml4j Parser for the following
> Some of my attributes, text nodes contain characters above
> ASCII 128. I want these to come in result tree as it is. But I
> find that these characters are being converted as per HTML 4
> For e.g character 246 becomes &tilde;
> How do I get the characters as it is. I need this because we use some
> propreitary font which display diacritic using the special character.
> How do I turn off this entity conversion.

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