Re: New XSL Optimization

Subject: Re: New XSL Optimization
From: Paul Prescod <paul@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 09:54:41 -0400
Francis Norton wrote:
> Of course, none of the steps are exactly trivial, and the whole approach
> is a hack compared to the approach contained in the Forest paper.

I don't think it is a hack. I just don't see it as a fully described
algorithm. The devil is in the details.

> Did the designers of the xml Schema consider Forest Theory as a basis
> for their proposal, given their unfulfilled mandate to look at the issue
> of schema evolution?

At least two of the schema working group members are knowledtable about
forest automata theory but that group is being asked to do a hell of a lot
of stuff from people with widely varying backgrounds. Nobody has time to
do all of the appropriate "homework."

> Alternatively, have the Forest proponents considered offering an xml
> schema standard together with some open source code (XSLT, or
> JavaScript+DOM) as a proof-of-concept?

Well forest proponents are not a team or a political party. Murata-san has
shown how forest automata can be used to develop schemas that are context
sensitive. I don't think anyone has implemented a full schema-evolution

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