Subject: RE: XSLT vs JSP
From: Samuel Yang <syang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 20:06:54 -0700
Being considered for Phase 2 of JavaSoft's "XML Standard Extension" (aka
"ProjectX") is "pre/post filtering XSL/XSLT support".  The intention seems
to be that the XSL/XSLT support will be accessed through JSP.

In fact, ProjectX has VERY ambitious plans for making the use of XML data
virtually transparent to Java applications, and they all seem to center on
using JSP.

The following JavaOne slides (in PDF format) provide a peek at what's being
planned for the XML Standard Extension:


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Thomas Kwan wrote:
> Advantages of XML/XSL:
> (1) Layout Code Portability
>     In the XML/XSL model, the application converts the
>     language-specific objects (i.e. in C, Java) into XML objects
>     which is then passed to XML/XSL engine (i.e. lotus XSL) to
>     generate the HTML. This extra transformation guaratees the
>     portability of the XSL code.

I don't follow this point. What kind of portability are we talking about
and how is it guaranteed?

> Disadvantages of XML/XSL:
> (3) XSL is marketed as a declarative language, and is not as
>     powerful as language like Java. UI designer needs to may need to
>     complex transformation that XSL cannot handle.

XSL can be extended with Java and other programming languages.

> Advantages of JSP:
> (3) UI developer can access all the facilities in Java environment
>     during the transformation.

As with XSL extensions.

> Disadvantages of JSP:
> (1) The layout (.jsp file) is Java specific. It assumes your
>     application speaks Java.

And XSL stylesheets are XSL specific. They presume that your application
speaks XSL.

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