Subject: Re: XSLT vs JSP
From: thomask@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Thomas Kwan)
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 21:35:14 -0700

Paul Prescod wrote:

> Thomas Kwan wrote:
> >
> > Advantages of XML/XSL:
> > (1) Layout Code Portability
> >     In the XML/XSL model, the application converts the
> >     language-specific objects (i.e. in C, Java) into XML objects
> >     which is then passed to XML/XSL engine (i.e. lotus XSL) to
> >     generate the HTML. This extra transformation guaratees the
> >     portability of the XSL code.
> I don't follow this point. What kind of portability are we talking about
> and how is it guaranteed?

Your XSL layout code can be reused with application written in
any language. One application written in Java generate XML
objects and the other written in C generate same set of XML.
Both application can share the same XSL layout file.

In JSP model, the layout (jsp) file may contain method calls
into the Java application. This assumes your application supports

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