Re: Advice on a web site using XML and XSL

Subject: Re: Advice on a web site using XML and XSL
From: Lars Marius Garshol <larsga@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 30 Jun 1999 17:27:16 +0200
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* Steven Livingstone
| For IE5 users I want to make use of XML/XSL, espcecially for my more
| content orientated pages (company information, case studies
| etc...). My question is how much of my site I should develop using
| these and how much using HTML/CSS/behaviours etc... or should I
| integrate them both (experiences of doing this would be
| appreciated).

As it stands your question is very hard to answer in a meaningful way,
since too much important background information is missing. If you can
answer the following it might help:

 - who are the users? web users in general?
 - what kind of content are we talking about? normal web pages?
 - what kind of benefits do you expect/want from using XML?
 - in what form is the site content edited on the server side?

--Lars M.

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