Re: DTD Files !

Subject: Re: DTD Files !
From: "Srinivasan Ramaswamy" <sramaswamy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 10:45:02 +0100
> > Why on earth most of the examples i found on internet don't
> > use a DTD file ?
> This isn't an XSL question but I'll answer it anyway.
> I very rarely use DTDs because (a) they can only do half the validation,
> rest needs to be done in the application (b) it's easier to write the
> validation rules in XSLT (c) I don't want to validate the document every
> time I read it, I only want to do it once (d) by controlling validation
> the application, you avoid the messy problem of a document that references
> different DTD from the one you want to validate it against.
> Others will disagree with me!

I also do not use it. In fact because of this, my team members and myself
tend to be looked upon as novices in the XML field who do not use DTD! In
the world, especially those who have started using XML recently, one has to
know DTD to be conversant with XML!

I  think DTDs are not required when the XMLs are being delivered by a server
on request by a client.The request originated in the first place because of
some response earlier from the server. So mostly the server kind of knows
about the content to be delivered in response to the request.

However, if I am a server accepting requests from other servers like in the
case of B2B application, I receive XML data from multifarious sources. I
need to validate whether the data conforms to the DTD that I am expecting.
If not, then I cannot do anything properly with the XML.


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