Re: getting element name into html using MSXML3 (Arrogant RTFM)

Subject: Re: getting element name into html using MSXML3 (Arrogant RTFM)
From: Dan Morrison <dman@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 02:00:51 +1200
Paulo Gaspar wrote:
> I am sorry Dan, but I think your problem with the "easy-preview" it is
> mostly your own fault.

I am indeed humbled and admit I did not follow all of the 10 steps you

Instead I went to a MSDN page (which I can no longer access) which
informed me that downloading and running a certain file would result in
the XSLT support in IE5 being updated.

Having installed more web downloads than I've had coffees, this did not
daunt me. I did not download any unneeded extra packages (like the sdk)
at that time, thinking I'd take it step by step and judge the
enhancements one-by-one.
Besides, I could find no page that would inform my what I'd find in the
sdk, or why I'd want it. I was upgrading my client, not a server.

So I ended up with an exe, which I ran.

After the Spanish lesson, as I mentioned, it finshed. No thankyou, no
congratulations, no demo (but at least no restart).
This in itself was odd, but it was after all a pre-release developers
edition, so OK, maybe it's done.

So I fire up ye olde IE onto an xml/xsl combo that goes fine in
cocoon... and get the same old broken stylesheet guff I used to. I spend
much much time getting friendly with the code, trying to convince it to
work. I re-run the 'installer'. I restart IE, Reboot the machine, clear
the cache, then to it again in random permutations. There weren't any
docs presented with the download, and there wasn't anything useful on
the site. I scan my drives searching for recently modified files and
compare my registry with backups looking for evidence that ANYTHING
happened at all! I scanned the comment board, searched the archives of
microsoft.public.xml.msxml-webrelease, the knowlege base and others. I
downloaded the SDK eventually, but my mind goes hazy after that (unlike
the steps you clearly recalled for us).
And you say I'm lazy!

As I noted, Maybe I've got to dependant on expecting installers to
install something, but I believe my frustration at the end of that
fruitless experience was justified.

Dammit, I wanted it to work, I wanted it to be good. I've praised MS
several times here before now for the accessibility and prominance
they've brought to XML, 

> A obvious step to take on documentation is to READ IT
> before you use the tool.

Thankyou for the RTFM. 
So the most important section of a README to you once you've downloaded
an app, installed it, run it and clicked on [help] are those fascinating
sections 'How to obtain this software' and 'How to install' ? And I
thought MY life was dull this month.

Somehow I've got into the habit of skipping those bits.

> And there you have a link to:
>   "Running Msxml3 in Replace Mode"

The title says it all huh?

> There, you would find about "XmlInst.exe" and all that stuff you were
> missing.

Yep, finally I understand that the installer installs the DLL, but also
installs an installer that will install the rest, once I've gone and
rooted around in my SYSTEM directory. Obvious.

> There is a good example to defend this kind of precaution:

And a good reason not to install updates you haven't identified a need
for (such as an SDK).

> Do your "home work" before complainning. Many people will not help
> you in your troubles if they notice you didn't care to do the
> obvious before taking someone else's time.

There is no polite response to this. You 'noticed' all the hours I'd
spent, you 'noticed' the carefully phrased request I eventually put on
the correct MS help forum, you 'noticed' that I didn't pollute the
discussions here with off-topic crap like that until I eventually made a
reasonably helpful and constructive reply to someone who appeared to be
having similar problems? 
Did you 'notice' that all along my attitude has been reasonably
positive, tongue-in-cheek, and 'shit happens, but it doesn't really
matter'? Yet you're calling me a complaining time-waster!

.... uurg.

OK, I've managed to keep out of silly flame-wars up until now, so I'll
give up and go back to doing something constructive like helping people
or building something...

[Sorry, no smiley today]


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