Re: getting element name into html using MSXML3 (Arrogant RTFM)

Subject: Re: getting element name into html using MSXML3 (Arrogant RTFM)
From: Dan Morrison <dman@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 05:24:12 +1200
Paulo Gaspar wrote:
> {Lots of warm fuzzies]

Your position is accepted, acknowleged & appreciated.
I look forward to being a happy sibling. (preceding-sibling or
following-sibling, doesn't matter).

It's actually funny because I was almost ready to post back before the
'issue' (which BTW, I wouldn't have labelled a 'flame' anyway) on your
preceding-sibling comment about Leventhal, which included the gem

>> (And after that I would still hesitate 
>> to make it too much of an absolute statement.) 

... Which appealed to my philosophy so much I thought it deserved a good

It was unfortunate that I read the rest of my mails before doing so. I
was about to send you a really nice letter! 

> I could have considered that you spent a lot of effort fighting with
> that problem but I can assure that I already spent a lot more on
> XSLT/MSXML issues before I found this mailing list. I understand
> your frustration since I felt the same.

Cool, cool, we're on the same wavelength then.

> ... with betas and other
> non-supported products there is a clear "you are on your own trying
> this" company position.


> This is a very friendly and helpful mailing list, but my experience
> is that this is the exception and NOT the rule. (At least if I
> consider some news...)

Strangely so. 

* 'Barney' Theme tune runs through my head *

** Which is very odd because I've NEVER watched Barney in my life **

NZ is lucky in some ways. Um. Off topic. Whatever it was.

> Maybe I still sound arrogant, 

Not at all. 8)

> for what I believe being the most important things:
>  - Preparation;
>  - Preparation;
>  - ...
>  - Preparation.

I still have a tendancy to throw 'experimentation' in there somewhere.
But whatever works...

> In the mean time, I also told you where to get the documentation, right?

This is very true. Molto grazie.
Unfortunately I STILL haven't got the damn thing working , but I'm not
going to bother you or this group with my confusion anymore.

Happy happy, Joy joy, happy happy, joy joy. Happy happy, joy joy, happy
happy joy joy .

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