Re: XHTML to WML problem

Subject: Re: XHTML to WML problem
From: Henning Behme <hb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 16:06:08 +0200
Hi there,

> I want to convert an XHTML document to WML and deliver it to a WAP device.
> However there is a limitation on the amount of information that can be sent
> down to the WAP device - on Nokia 7110 I thinks its about 1.4Kb. I use XSLT
> to convert to WML. I then need to break down this file into 1.4Kb chunks.
> Has anybody out there done anything like this? 

for those of you who read German: we had a project for CeBIT fair
earlier this year, generating HTML and WML pages from a relational
database via XML. The corresponding article is still online: ... Unfortunately there is
no English version. Hope it helps nevertheless ;-)

Best regards,

Henning Behme

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